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Yesterday a few of us made the trip to Nottingham to attend New Adventures in Web Design, a conference that tries to appeal to both designers and project managers (a goal I can categorically say they achieved).

Created by Simon Collison, New Adventures offers something new, fresh and unique and affordably priced. It was clear from entering the artistic surroundings of the Albert Hall Conference Centre that this gig is orchestrated by people who really care for their craft.

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t recognise some of the speakers in the line-up, but what really impressed me was the breadth and depth of topics up for discussion. From hardcore process, to storytelling; User Experience to the relationships we have with machines.

Dan Mall was first up and gave an energetic talk about process, the need to love clients and collaborate at each milestone along the project journey. An Art Director from Brooklyn’s Big Spaceship, Mall gave a compelling insight into the outputs that go unseen by clients: the little details that make a project come together and the same things that make projects and people work a bit better.

Another standout for me was Robbie Manson — a Scottish-based designer who creates interfaces at Free Agent. Robbie was inspirational in his approach to the creative process, highlighting Seth Godin’s idea that we all need to experience more failures, but make fewer mistakes.

Robbie’s take on making the most of the team around us and opening up the creative process at an early stage is something Big Motive has been rebooting of late. Looking hard at process is a topical subject for our own creative team. More on that later.

All in all, New Adventures was very much a flying visit, but extremely insightful and so relevant. Bursting with inspired contributions, it’s must see for anyone with a passing interest in design for the web.

Well worth the price-tag and the early start, if only to hear Dan Mall’s definition of ABY stands for in relation to his work on — I guess you had to be there!

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